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April 24, 2016



March 5, 2016

DAY 30!!! Challenge Complete! I cannot believe it has gone by already, it was so fast but slow at the same time.

My Mind, Body, Spirit have reconnected. I can feel the shift within myself, I can see it in my feelings and actions, and through all the opportunities and doors that have opened for me over these last few weeks. It is amazing what the power of yoga and positive thinking will do!

I can feel it in my physical body, sinking deeper into my Warriors, holding myself off the ground during Chaturanga, hanging upside down longer every time I try. Yoga is truly a magical practice!

I feel transformed, I am a different person than I was when I started this challenge. I am a better version of myself, and as I continue, I know I will reach my goals and grow into the light I know I am.

When we Believe we See. The fruits of our labors do pay, when our eyes are open and our mind is clear we can see miracles everyday, like having a home, family, friends, pets, an abundance of everything we will ever need. And that is the biggest reward.

What I have learned. What I have accomplished. What I have gained. What I will take with me from this experience?

I have learned never to give up on myself. We all move at our own pace, and this is something we must accept and learn to work with. I have learned to have more compassion for myself. I am a good person, trying to do goods things and it is ok if I fall sometimes, because when I try again I will be stronger and wiser.

I have accomplished something I was so afraid of. Putting myself out into the world as I am now. Not waiting until I was fit again or better at handstands, just going for it, jumping in with both feet. And at the end of this challenge I have found more strength and courage in myself, than I ever thought I had.

I have gained a new respect for myself, all my fellow yogi’s and teachers, and for every other person I have connected with on this journey. It is not an easy thing to share yourself with the world, so to all the people I see working towards their best self, I respect and admire you and your work.

I have also gained more confidence in myself. I know now that I can live my passion and share it with others. It is easy to get caught up in our ego telling us we are not good enough, but if we continue to practice and teach our knowledge and compassion, it will break the egos words and this will bring us our confidence and our voice.

So I will take all of this newfound love and confidence for myself and go into the world Love blazing (I don’t like guns!) and start my journey as a full time yogi and teacher!

I am able, I can and I will.

Thank you to all who have followed my journey, your love and support are always appreciated and reciprocated!

Keep practicing, and keep being you!

Much Love to You All.







February 19, 2016


Mid-point through my 30 day yoga challenge.

A time for reflection.

I feel better than I have in a long time. My practice has helped restore peace within my soul. I am not complete yet, however, my cup is half full! I am gaining more confidence everyday, and I am not hiding from judgment anymore. I am overwhelmed and grateful for all the love and support I have received through social media. Friends and family near and far, and new friends from all across the globe who have shown their support and encouragement. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For me this is not just about doing this 30 days of yoga challenge, it is also about allowing myself to be who I am now, in this moment, and not be ashamed of myself. People change in many ways over the years, to learn new things, to help them grown, and I know this is all part of the process, so I will not hide behind the camera anymore. My curvalicious self is all out and I am proud. Self-love has always been a struggle for me, and for many others, and we often forget we are not these bodies, so who cares what we look like!? We are Spirit, Souls, Seekers of knowledge in this vast Universe, so lets try to remember that when we meet. Talk to me as if we were One, connected, pure love. This is now we begin to cultivate self-love, not by changing our bodies, but by changing how our eyes see. We have a choice to live in Love or fear, why not choose the road we are meant for. Choose Love, for yourself, everyday, every moment, with every breath, and be the change.







February 5, 2016



Ask and you Shall Receive.

Yesterday I asked the Universe, to help me break through a difficult time, and today it started.

From the moment I awoke it began. I felt it in my chest, in my heart, and in my mind.

I started my day with my yoga practice. Took my doggie for a hike. Ate lunch.

Then another spark and boom, just like that my whole world shifted.

I know it is the best thing for now, but it still sucks.

So I choose to view this with a positive perspective.

To reach our dreams, we must first let go of what no longer serves positive purpose in our

life, and ask the Universe to show us the way.


Ask and you Shall Receive.


*photo courtesy of Pintrest.





November 27, 2015



Take a moment everyday to think of all you are thankful for and smile.

Inhale Love & Gratitude for your Life and your Practice.

Exhale and release all the chaos inside of you.








November 20, 2015


Nov. 20/15

Today. I created this page.

Today I decided I will be Active in my recovery.

Today I will not let anyone’s opinion affect me.

Today is the end.

Today is the beginning.

Today I will not be ashamed of who I am.

Today I will share myself with the universe.

Today It starts.



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April 24, 2016

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